ImageXD – Image Analysis Across Domains

BIDS ImageXD – Image Analysis Across Domains convenes researchers, scientists, and theorists (of all learning levels) who work with images as a primary source of data, to learn about the latest developments in a wide range of research domains and to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Incredible advances are being made in image processing techniques, tools, and sampling modalities which, together with an increased accessibility to modern imaging equipment, has made image data ubiquitous across many fields, with scales ranging from microscopy to radio astronomy.  ImageXD was originally founded in 2016 by BIDS and UW's eScience Institute, and now comprises researchers from a variety of fields who work with images as a primary source of data, and who collaborate together to identify common principles, algorithms, and tools to build computational platforms and solve image analyses problems across disciplinary boundaries. Annual events, workshops and conferences are open to the entire community, aiming to:

  1. Foster a cross-disciplinary community of image processing experts from academia, research, and industry;
  2. Develop a shared understanding of image processing data, algorithms, and software; and
  3. Learn about new tools and methods, and the applicability of these to various discipline-specific problems, through tutorials and collaborative work sessions.

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