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BIDS contributes to a number of open source, open science, and open data resource communities in support of academic research.   Browse a list of software projects currently active at BIDS, below, or see the project archive for a list of retired/archived projects.

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Participants in this project work on the core data science software stack for the julia programming language, building the equivalent of pandas on Python and the tidyverse on R for the julia programming language, and covering DataFrame types, query languages, file IO, distributed query... more


Project Jupyter is a community of open-source developers, scientists, educators, and data scientists. Its goal is to build open-source tools and create community that facilitates scientific research, reproducible and open workflows, education, computational narratives, and data analytics. Jupyter... more
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NumPy is the fundamental array package underpinning the Scientific Python ecosystem. BIDS hosts a team of four core developers that work with the NumPy community to develop the library in preparation for the next decade of data science. NumPy contains, among other things, the following: A... more
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rOpenSci is a scientific open source project whose primary mission is to promote development and use of high-quality research software in the research community. The rOpenSci team and community enable this transformation by training domain experts in good software development practices and... more


Scikit-image is a community-driven Python project, consisting of a vast collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed image processing algorithms that are made available to a global community of researchers free of charge and free of restriction. The library is widely used in many different fields,... more
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SkyPortal is a fully open-source data portal for the collaborative study and management of time-domain sources and events. It interactively displays astronomical datasets for annotation, analysis, and discovery, and is designed to be modular and extensible, so it can be customized for various... more
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US Research Software Sustainability Institute

This project is conceptualizing a US Research Software Sustainability Institute that will focus on the entire research software ecosystem — including the people who create, maintain, and use research software — to validate and address various classes of concerns impacting all... more