BIDS Faculty / Research Affiliation

BIDS fosters a community that values collaboration and interdisciplinary discovery and learning. Our affiliate represents over 30 UC Berkeley academic departments and schools, other UC Campuses, National Labs, Government, and Industry. If you depend on data science to advance research, create knowledge, and/or challenge your students, consider becoming a BIDS Faculty Affiliate or Research Affiliate.

As a research arm of the new College of Computing, Data Science, and Society (CDSS), BIDS and its affiliates also benefit from the data-centric initiatives and programs that CDSS leads. In addition, BIDS actively develops new academic and industry partnerships and interdisciplinary research collaborations, which will serve you, your partners, and your students in data science research.


  • Faculty Affiliates are tenured (or tenure-track) faculty from UC Berkeley and/or UCSF.

  • Research Affiliates are from other UC Campuses, National Labs, Government, and Industry.


BIDS Affiliates participate in our governance, fund raising, and strategic planning. They contribute to the programming and operational activities of the Institute in a variety of ways

  • Develop grant proposals to the federal agencies like the NIH and the NSF, state agencies, and private foundations.
  • Include BIDS research staff as co-PIs, or as senior personnel, for projects that leverage expertise, program infrastructure, and the BIDS community at large.
  • Mentor graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and staff researchers participating in diverse research, training, and fellowship programs.
  • Participate and lead BIDS-sponsored data science events.
  • Serve as speakers and panelists at BIDS lectures, seminars, and other programs.

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