Data Science By Design (DSxD)

Data Science By Design (DSxD) is a community of practice to curate ideas about data narratives, innovative communication approaches and aesthetic visual design principles. This project aims to conscientiously develop the future of data science with diversity, inclusion, and open education as guiding principles that incorporate transparent research practices and accessible training. Our events and resources will empower and support attendees to produce visual content that effectively and artfully communicates the practice of data science research in the form of how-to guides, infographics, and zines. Community-developed products will be made freely available to the wider data science community.

The motivation for “Data Science By Design” is to make the methods and outcomes of data science more accessible to individuals from a wide range of disciplinary, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Our approach makes the work of data scientists more transparent and emphasizes the creativity required for data science jobs. The goal is to provide a space for technical ideas to be shared in an accessible way, and an opportunity for data scientists to learn the tools and gain the personal contacts to help them communicate their work and practice to a wider audience. In this new community of practice, data scientists will be able to work with and mutually learn from specialists in a variety of creative fields, including data visualization, graphic design, and art.

Anyone who has a data story to tell, or is a creator interested in learning more about data science is welcome to engage and participate. Use the Data Science By Design Interest Form to submit your ideas for programming and suggestions for speakers who are actively creating visual or narrative content for data science (interpreted broadly) at our upcoming events. Sign up for the Data Science By Design listserv to receive notifications about upcoming events, grants, or resources organized by the DSxD team.

Project Leads

  • Ciera Martinez is BIDS’ Research Lead for Biodiversity and Environmental Science, and a former BIDS Data Science Fellow. She is a biologist and data scientist researching how organisms react and evolve in response to their environment. 
  • BIDS Alum (former Data Science Fellow) Váleri Vásquez is a graduate student at UC Berkeley studying the use of genetic-based interventions like CRISPR-Cas9 for the control of mosquito-borne diseases.
  • BIDS Alum (former Data Science Fellow) Sara Stoudt is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bucknell University. She is a statistician with research interests in ecology and the communication of statistics. 

Data Science By Design is funded by Code for Science and Society and an ADSA Career Development Network Seed Grant.