BIDS is hiring: Data Architect, CLEAN Initiative

July 14, 2022

The Berkeley Institute of Data Science (BIDS) is hiring: BIDS Data Architect (CLEAN Initiative) (Applications Programmer 4 (0652U), Job ID: 39273). The first review date for applications is July 27, 2022, and the posting will remain open until filled. 

BIDS is participating in the design and development of open-source tools as part of the California Law Enforcement Accountability Network (CLEAN) initiative. This new position will focus on the design and development of data cleaning, normalization, integration, and sharing tools as part of the overall plan for the CLEAN effort – and these new tools will aid defense attorneys and journalists in understanding and analyzing police use-of-force and misconduct data. 

This technical lead position will collaborate with other CLEAN stakeholders – spanning journalists, defenders, advocates, and data scientists – and since the position requires project management as well as engineering skills, the ideal candidate will be well versed in both the technical and social aspects of open-source software development.

Apply Now — Full details and instructions to apply are available here: 
BIDS Data Architect (CLEAN Initiative)
Applications Programmer 4 (0652U) 
Job ID: 39273