Image XD - 2023

April 6, 2023

Researchers from across domains (XD) that use imaging data participated in ImageXD 2023. The two day workshop brought together imaging experts from diverse fields such as medical, biodiversity, machine learning, and software development. Each day had a blend of talks in the morning with "unconference" breakout working groups that were decided daily based on overlapping interests and questions formed and posted as part of a community question board.

Check out a detailed write-up by our co-sponsor Academic Data Science Alliance:

Below are some live sketchnotes of the event captured by The BIDS Data Science Communications Manager and Environmental Change Fellow Cody Markelz

image xd

Day 1 talk sketchnotes outline major ideas in the talks that were given by Sharmila Majumdar - UCSF professor and Director of the Center of Intelligent Imaging, Sara Beery- Assistant Professor at MIT and Visiting Researcher at Google on wildlife computer vision, Catherine Nakalembe - Africa Program Director for NASA Harvest and Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland’s Department of Geographical Sciences on food security, and Stéfan van der Walt - Researcher at UC Berkeley and Founder of scikit-image

image xd

Similar to Day 1, Day 2 talk sketchnotes outline major ideas in the talks given by Dan Chitwood- plant biologist and Assistant Professor in the Departments of Horticulture and Computational Mathematics, Science & Engineering at Michigan State University on leaf shape morphometrics, Harry Chao - Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at The Ohio State University on training machine learning models for feature detection, and Kira Evans- Software Engineer at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative on the Napari image processing Python package.

Thank you to the ImageXD sponsors: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Alfred P. Sloan Foundation