Past Events

SNCosmo (Python Library for SN Cosmology): SN light curve fitting/constructing Hubble diagram tutorial

November 17, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
Speaker: Kyle Barbary

The Center for Data on the Mind: Helping Cognitive Scientists Tackle the Promise and Challenges of Big Data to Explore Behavior and Cognition

November 17, 2016
Boston, MA
Speaker: Alexandra Paxton, Tom Griffiths

The representation of semantic information in the human brain during listening and reading

November 12, 2016
San Diego, CA
Speaker: Fatma Deniz, Jack Gallant

Open Source Computational Acoustics and Filter Design

November 4, 2016
190 Doe Library

, Perrin Meyer

Current Topics in Data Publishing

October 28, 2016
190 Doe Library

Artificial Intelligence Requires Social Scientists and Crowds

October 26, 2016
New York, NY
Speaker: Nick Adams

Block-Parallel Data Analysis with DIY

October 23, 2016
Baltimore, MD
Speaker: Dmitriy Morozov

The Web Is Changing What We Publish, How We Publish, and What Happens after Publication

October 21, 2016
190 Doe Library

, Lenny Teytelman

Research Transparency in Economics

October 19, 2016
Budapest, Hungary
Speaker: Garret Christensen

Stealing Some of Wikimedia's Principles to Democratize Programming

October 14, 2016
190 Doe Library