Kyla Bourne

Job title: 
BIDS-Accenture Data Science Research Scholar (Criminal Justice)

Kyla Bourne works to improve direct, empirical accountability of criminal law enforcement. She uses novel data to evaluate whether ongoing institutional changes have resulted in meaningful decarcerative reform. To date, she has focused on evaluating whether charging decisions made by newly-elected local reformist prosecutors may in fact end mass incarceration. As a BIDS-Accenture Data Science Research Scholar, Dr. Bourne will collaboratively build a national database of police misconduct records under the mentorship of BIDS Faculty Affiliate, David J. Harding, a professor of Sociology and the Faculty Director of D-Lab at UC Berkeley. She is particularly committed to teaching programming and data literacy skills to journalists, defense attorneys, and people who have come into contact with the criminal legal system.


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Research interests: 

Law and society, Criminal prosecution, Policing, Racial inequality, Causal inference policy evaluation