Cathryn Carson

Professor, History, UC Berkeley
Co-I for Moore/Sloan Data Science Environments
BIDS Faculty Affiliate

Real name: 
Cathryn Carson

Cathryn Carson holds the Thomas M. Siebel Presidential Chair in the History of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Before receiving her Ph.D. in History of Science from Harvard University, she was trained in condensed matter physics. Her research deals with the intellectual, political, and institutional history of contemporary science, including theoretical physics and data science. She has served as Associate Dean of Social Sciences, founding Director of the Social Sciences Data Laboratory (D-Lab), founding Senior Fellow of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Faculty Lead of the Data Science Education Program, and Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board for Berkeley's Data Science Planning Initiative, which developed the blueprint for Berkeley’s organizational realignment around data science. In 2019-20, she served as Associate Dean for Strategy and Planning for the Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society. She was a co-I for the Moore/Sloan Data Science Environments.



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