James Sethian

Professor, Mathematics, UC Berkeley
Head, Mathematics Group, LBNL
Director, CAMERA, LBNL
Co-I for Moore/Sloan Data Science Environments
BIDS Faculty Affiliate

Real name: 
James Sethian
James Sethian is the James Simons Chair and professor of mathematics at UC Berkeley, the head of the Mathematics Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laborarory (LBNL) and director of the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA) at LBNL. Much of his work is in computational physics, with particular emphasis on moving interface problems in fluid mechanics and materials science. Applications of the work of Sethian and his collaborators include computational models for combustion, fluid mixing, grain metal evolution, image processing, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial ink jet printing, materials informatics, tumor architecture, and industrial foams.