Data Scientist

Tristan Chambers

CLEAN Data Architect

Tristan works with a diverse group of journalists, civil rights activists, criminal defense attorneys, and researchers of machine learning and AI technologies to collaborate on a shared data platform of police misconduct records.

R.J. Cody Markelz

BIDS- Global Environmental Change Fellow

Cody Markelz is generally interested in the complexities of interactions in nature and chooses problems that require (at least) a paper and pencil to work out. He uses data and mathematical models as tools to understand the beauty and complexity of nature. Currently, Cody is a BIDS- Global Environmental Change Fellow working at the intersection between invasive species, climate change and wildfire in Californian ecosystems. He is also the Data Science Communications manager at BIDS.



Karthik Ram

BIDS Senior Research Data Scientist and rOpenSci Founder & Director

Karthik Ram’s interests are focused on reproducible research, especially as it applies to global change. Much of his recent work focuses on building tools and services around open data and growing diverse data science communities. He contributes regularly to various projects including Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, and occasional blogs at Inundata. He leads rOpenSci...

Tim Thomas

Research Training Lead, Berkeley Computational Social Science Training Program
Urban Displacement Project, UC Berkeley

Tim Thomas is a professional researcher and research director at Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project (UDP) specializing in urban sociology, demography, and data science. His research focuses on how neighborhood change, housing disparities, policies, and displacement affects household socioeconomic stratification and mobility by race and gender in the United States. His research at the UDP centers on developing open-source tools to measure displacement and gentrification as well as a national housing precarity risk model...

Stéfan van der Walt

BIDS Senior Research Data Scientist

Stéfan van der Walt is a researcher at BIDS. He is the founder of scikit-image and co-author of Elegant SciPy, and has been developing scientific open source software for more than a decade, focusing mainly on Python packages such as NumPy & SciPy.


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