Fernando Pérez

BIDS Faculty Director
Statistics, UC Berkeley; Data Science and Technology Division, LBNL
Associate Professor, Statistics, UC Berkeley Co-director, Eric and Wendy Schmidt Center for Data Science & Environment, UC Berkeley Faculty Scientist, Data Science and Technology Division, LBNL

Fernando Pérez is an Associate Professor of Statistics at UC Berkeley, a faculty scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the current Faculty Director of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science at UC Berkeley (BIDS). His research focuses on the intersection of...

Tim Tangherlini

BIDS Associate Faculty Director
Department of Scandinavian, UC Berkeley

Tim Tangherlini is interested in the circulation of stories on and across social networks, and the ways in which stories are used by individuals in their ongoing negotiation of ideology with the groups to which they belong. In general, his work focuses on computational approaches to problems in the study of folklore, literature and culture.