The reduction of race and gender bias in clinical treatment recommendations using clinician peer networks in an experimental setting

Damon Centola, Douglas Guilbeault, Urmimala Sarkar, Elaine Khoong & Jingwen Zhang
Nature Communications
November 15, 2021

Ten simple rules on writing clean and reliable open-source scientific software

Haley Hunter-Zinck, Alexandre Fioravante de Siqueira, Váleri N. Vásquez, Richard Barnes, Ciera C. Martinez
PLOS Computational Biology
November 11, 2021

The Effect of Split Sentences on Employment and Future Criminal Justice Involvement: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Michael R. Menefee, David J. Harding, Anh P. Nguyen, Jeffrey D. Morenoff, Shawn D. Bushway
Social Forces
November 3, 2021

Machine Learning and Mobile Phone Data Can Improve the Targeting of Humanitarian Assistance

Emily Aiken, Suzanne Bellue, Joshua Blumenstock, Dean S. Karlan, Christopher Udry
Vox EU CEPR Discussion Paper No. 16385
October 1, 2021

Harnessing Google Health Trends API Data for Epidemiologic Research: A Methodological Approach

Krista Neumann, Susan M. Mason, Kriszta Farkas, N Jeanie Santaularia, Jennifer Ahern, Corinne A. Riddell
2021 Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science (IAPHS) Conference
October 20, 2021

Prior punishments and cumulative disadvantage: How supervision status impacts prison sentences

Audrey Hickert, Shawn D. Bushway, David J. Harding, Jeffrey D. Morenoff
October 13, 2021

A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex

BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN)
October 6, 2021
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Towards a Global Public Repository of Community Protocols to encourage Best Practices in Biomolecular Ocean Observing and Research

Robyn M. Samuel, Raïssa Meyer, Pier L. Buttigieg, Neil Davies, Nick W. Jeffery, Christopher Meyer, Christina Pavloudi, Kathleen Johnson Pitz, Maxime Sweetlove, Susanna Theroux, Jodie van de Kamp and Alison Watts
Frontiers in Marine Science
September 21, 2021