The Center for Data on the Mind: Using Big Data to Answer Questions about Cognition

Alexandra Paxton

Psychonomic Society's 57th Annual Meeting
November 17, 2016

BIDS Fellow Alex Paxton and her advisor, BIDS Senior Fellow Tom Griffiths, presented this poster at the Psychonomic Society's 57th Annual Meeting on November 17-20, 2016, in Boston, MA.  The full Abstract Book for this event is available online here.

The Center for Data on the Mind: Using Big Data to Answer Questions About Cognition 
Alexandra Paxton and Tom Griffiths, University of California, Berkeley —
Abstract: Today, more data about human activity is tracked, recorded, and shared than ever before.  e rapidly growing availability of these massive datasets is being tapped by governments, nonpro t organizations, and companies, but psychologists have been slower to take advantage of the power of big data. To that end, the Center for Data on the Mind has been created to promote the adoption of a big-data mindset speci cally within psychology. We see this perspective as a new frontier to explore human behavior and cognition at a larger scale and in more naturalistic settings than laboratory experiments o en a ord. By highlighting rich datasets and powerful techniques to analyze them, we strive to help researchers acquire the keen eye and appropriate techniques needed to delve into existing large-scale datasets for insight into the behavioral and cognitive dynamics that created them. Email: Alexandra Paxton,

The Psychonomic Society is the home for scientists who study how the mind works.  Members of the Society are experimental psychologists among whose numbers are some of the most distinguished researchers in the field.  Many are concerned with the application of psychology to health, technology and education, and many use converging methods such as neuroscience and computational science to achieve their research goals.  




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