Creating Institutional Change in Data Science: The Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments at New York University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Washington

Ed Lazowska, Rich Bonneau, Juliana Freire, Mik Laver, Henry Brady, Cathryn Carson, David Culler, Jonathan Dugan, Marsha Fenner, Saul Perlmutter, Magda Balazinska, Micaela Parker and Sarah Stone

March 4, 2018

Together with our colleagues at New York University and the University of Washington, BIDS has published a paper intended for academic leaders who seek to accelerate data-intensive discovery and data science education on their campuses. It is based on our experiences as the three founding institutions of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments, a collaborative experiment intended to transform the process of data-driven discovery nationwide as well as the institutional environments in which this discovery takes place. In the article, we describe key elements we believe have contributed to our successes as well as some challenges we have encountered along the way.

Creating Institutional Change in Data Science: The Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments at New York University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Washington
referenced in How to Encourage Data-Driven Discovery 
March 4, 2018 | Ed Lazowska, et al | Chronicle of Higher Education

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Henry Brady

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Social Sciences, History; Computing, Data Science, and Society; UC Berkeley
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