macroeco: reproducible ecological pattern analysis in Python

Justin Kitzes and Mark Wilber

April 1, 2016

Macroeco is a Python package that supports the analysis of empirical macroecological patterns and the comparison of these patterns to theoretical predictions. Here we describe the use of macroeco and the various functions that it contains. We also highlight a unique high-level interface included with the package, MacroecoDesktop, that allows non-programmers to access the functionality of macroeco. MacroecoDesktop takes simple text-based metadata and parameter files as inputs and generates both tabular and graphical outputs, supporting users in creating reproducible workflows that follow the principles of simplicity, provenance, and automation. Both macroeco and MacroecoDesktop provide case studies for developers of analytically-focused scientific software packages who wish to better support the reproducible use of their tools.

Featured Fellows

Justin Kitzes

Energy & Resources Group