Mimi-PAGE, an open-source implementation of the PAGE09 integrated assessment model

Frances C. Moore, James Rising, Niklas Lollo, Cecilia Springer, Váleri Vásquez, Alex Dolginow, Chris Hope & David Anthoff

Nature: Scientific Data
September 25, 2018

Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) have become critical tools for assessing the costs and benefits of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Three models currently inform the social cost of carbon dioxide (SCCO2, the net present value of damages from one additional ton of CO2) used by the US federal government, several states, and Canada. Here we present a new open-source implementation of one of these models (PAGE09) in the Julia programming language using a modular modeling framework (Mimi). Mimi-PAGE was coded using best coding practices (such as multiple code reviews by different individuals during development, automated testing of newly-committed code, and provision of documentation and usage notes) and is publicly available in a GitHub repository for community inspection and use under an open source license. In this paper we describe the Julia implementation of PAGE09, show that output from Mimi-PAGE matches that of the original model, and perform comparisons of the run time between the two implementations.

Featured Fellows

Váleri N. Vásquez

Energy and Resources Group

David Anthoff

Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley
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