Nico Stuurman and Henry Pinkard

May 14, 2020

Pycro-Manager is a python package for controlling different parts of μManager using Python. It is designed for maximum flexibility, in order to serve as a useful building block for “smart” microscopes that use feedback from data or external instrumentation to control the process of acquiring data. Pycro-Manager is built on top of a high-performance data transfer layer that operates between Java (i.e. micro-manager) and Python. This enables both the execution of abitrary Java code as if it were written in Python, and the ability to control micro-manager over a network.

Pycro-manager: open-source software for integrated microscopy hardware control and image processing
June 19, 2020  |   Henry Pinkard, Nico Stuurman, Laura Waller  | 

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