Pycro-Manager: open-source software for customized and reproducible microscope control

Henry Pinkard, Nico Stuurman, Ivan E. Ivanov, Nicholas M. Anthony, Wei Ouyang, Bin Li, Bin Yang, Mark A. Tsuchida, Bryant Chhun, Grace Zhang, Ryan Mei, Michael Anderson, Douglas P. Shepherd, Ian Hunt-Isaak, Raymond L. Dunn, Wiebke Jahr, Saul Kato, Loïc A. Royer, Jay R. Thiagarajah, Kevin W. Eliceiri, Emma Lundberg, Shalin B. Mehta & Laura Waller

Nature Methods
March 5, 2021

Pycro-Manager is a package that enables python control of Micro-Manager (an open-source microscopy control software) as well as the simple development of customized experiments that involve microscope hardware control integrated with real-time image processing. It is compatible with hundreds of microscope components and full microscopes. More information can be found at:

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