Interseismic coupling and refined earthquake potential on the Hayward‐Calaveras fault zone

E. Chaussard, R. Bürgmann, H. Fattahi, C. W. Johnson, R. Nadeau, T. Taira & I. Johanson
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth
November 11, 2015

Scientific computing meets big data technology: An astronomy use case

Zhao ZhangKyle Barbary, Frank Austin Nothaft, Evan Sparks, Oliver Zahn, Michael J. Franklin, David A. Patterson, Saul Perlmutter
2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)
October 29, 2015

Scaling relations between black holes and their host galaxies: comparing theoretical and observational measurements, and the impact of selection effects

C. DeGraf, T. Di Matteo, T. Treu, Y. Feng, J.-H. Woo, and D. Park
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
September 30, 2015

Luminosity function of [OII] emission-line galaxies in the MassiveBlack-II simulation

KwangHo Park, Tiziana Di Matteo, Shirley Ho, Rupert Croft, Stephen M. Wilkins, Yu Feng, Nishikanta Khandai
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
August 20, 2015

A fluoroscopy-based planning and guidance software tool for minimally invasive hip refixation by cement injection

Daniel F Malan, Stéfan J van der Walt, Renata G Raidou, Bas van den Berg, Berend C Stoel, Charl P Botha, Rob GHH Nelissen, Edward R Valstar
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
August 11, 2015

Promoting an open research culture

B. A. Nosek, G. Alter, G. C. Banks, D. Borsboom, S. D. Bowman, S. J. Breckler, S. Buck, C. D. Chambers, G. Chin, G. Christensen, M. Contestabile, A. Dafoe, E. Eich, J. Freese, R. Glennerster, D. Goroff, D. P. Green, B. Hesse, M. Humphreys, J. Ishiyama, D. Karlan, A. Kraut, A. Lupia, P. Mabry, T. Madon, N. Malhotra, E. Mayo-Wilson, M. McNutt, E. Miguel, E. Levy Paluck, U. Simonsohn, C. Soderberg, B. A. Spellman, J. Turitto, G. VandenBos, S. Vazire, E. J. Wagenmakers, R. Wilson, T. Yarkoni
June 26, 2015

Evaluating the accuracy of diffusion MRI models in white matter

Ariel Rokem, Jason D Yeatman, Franco Pestilli, Kendrick N Kay, Aviv Mezer, Stefan Van Der Walt, Brian A Wandell
PloS One
April 16, 2015

Diversification practices reduce organic to conventional yield gap

Lauren C. Ponisio, Leithen K. M'Gonigle, Kevi C. Mace, Jenny Palomino, Perry de Valpine, Claire Kremen
Proceedings of the Royal Society B
January 22, 2015

scikit-image: image processing in Python

Stéfan van der Walt, Johannes L. Schönberger, Juan Nunez-Iglesias, François Boulogne, Joshua D. Warner, Neil Yager, Emmanuelle Gouillart, Tony Yu, the scikit-image contributors
June 19, 2014