Curating a COVID-19 Data Repository and Forecasting County-Level Death Counts in the United States

Nick Altieri, Rebecca L. Barter, James Duncan, Raaz Dwivedi, Karl Kumbier, Xiao Li, Robert Netzorg, Briton Park, Chandan Singh, Yan Shuo Tan, Tiffany Tang, Yu Wang, Chao Zhang, and Bin Yu
Harvard Data Science Review
November 3, 2020

Natural Stings: Selling Distrust About Vaccines on Brazilian YouTube

Dayane Fumiyo Tokojima Machado, Alexandre Fioravante de Siqueira and Leda Gitahy
Frontiers in Communication
October 26, 2020

Protect the Antarctic Peninsula — before it’s too late

Carolyn J. Hogg, Mary-Anne Lea, Marga Gual Soler, Váleri N. Vasquez, Ana Payo-Payo, Marissa L. Parrott, M. Mercedes Santos, Justine Shaw, Cassandra M. Brooks
October 18, 2020

Evaluation of a novel community-based COVID-19 ‘Test-to-Care’ model for low-income populations

Andrew D. Kerkhoff , Darpun Sachdev, Sara Mizany, Susy Rojas, Monica Gandhi, James Peng, Douglas Black, Diane Jones, Susana Rojas, Jon Jacobo, Valerie Tulier-Laiwa, Maya Petersen, Jackie Martinez, Gabriel Chamie, Diane V. Havlir, Carina Marquez
October 9, 2020

Building STEAM for DH and Electronic Literature: An Educational Approach to Nurturing the STEAM Mindset in Higher Education

Claudia von Vacano, Evan Muzzall, Adam G. Anderson, Jonathan Reeve, Tom van Nuenen
Electronic Book Review
October 4, 2020

Stability Expanded, in Reality

Bin Yu
Harvard Data Science Review
September 30, 2020

Constructing interval variables via faceted Rasch measurement and multitask deep learning: a hate speech application

Chris J. Kennedy, Geoff Bacon, Alexander Sahn, Claudia von Vacano
September 23, 2020

Array programming with NumPy

Charles R. Harris, K. Jarrod Millman, Stéfan J. van der Walt, Ralf Gommers, Pauli Virtanen, David Cournapeau, Eric Wieser, Julian Taylor, Sebastian Berg, Nathaniel J. Smith, Robert Kern, Matti Picus, Stephan Hoyer, Marten H. van Kerkwijk, Matthew Brett, Allan Haldane, Jaime Fernández del Río, Mark Wiebe, Pearu Peterson, Pierre Gérard-Marchant, Kevin Sheppard, Tyler Reddy, Warren Weckesser, Hameer Abbasi, Christoph Gohlke & Travis E. Oliphant
September 16, 2020

The Case for Algorithmic Stewardship for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies

Stephanie Eaneff, Ziad Obermeyer, Atul J. Butte
Journal of the American Medical Association
September 14, 2020