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Cellular mechanisms of epithelial stem cell self-renewal and differentiation during homeostasis and repair

Diya Das, Russell B. Fletcher, John Ngai
WIREs Developmental Biology
August 29, 2019

BIDS 2018-2019 Annual Report

David Mongeau and Marsha Fenner
August 22, 2019

The representation of semantic information across human cerebral cortex during listening versus reading is invariant to stimulus modality

Fatma Deniz, Anwar O. Nunez-Elizalde, Alexander G. Huth and Jack L. Gallant
Journal of Neuroscience
August 19, 2019

Human Health and the Social Cost of Carbon: A Primer and Call to Action

Noah Scovronick, Váleri N. Vásquez, Frank Errickson, Francis Dennig, Antonio Gasparrini, Shakoor Hajat, Dean Spears, Mark B. Budolfson
August 15, 2019

Transparent and Reproducible Social Science Research: How to Do Open Science

Garret Christensen, Jeremy Freese, and Edward Miguel
University of California Press
July 23, 2019

Multivariate GWAS: Generalized Linear Models, Prior Weights, and Double Sparsity

Benjamin B. Chu, Kevin L. Keys, Janet S. Sinsheimer, Kenneth Lange
July 11, 2019

Computing water flow through complex landscapes, Part 2: Finding hierarchies in depressions and morphological segmentations

Richard Barnes, Kerry L. Callaghan, and Andrew D. Wickert
Earth Surface Dynamics
June 17, 2019

Deep learning for single-shot autofocus microscopy

Henry Pinkard, Zachary Phillips, Arman Babakhani, Daniel A. Fletcher, Laura Waller
June 5, 2019

SkyPortal: An Astronomical Data Platform

Stéfan J. van der Walt, Arien Crellin-Quick, and Joshua S. Bloom
Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS)
May 12, 2019