Hessian-based Analysis of Large Batch Training and Robustness to Adversaries

Zhewei Yao, Amir Gholami, Qi Lei, Kurt Keutzer, Michael W. Mahoney
February 22, 2018

Alternative Solutions to a Language Design Problem: The Role of Adjectives and Gender Marking in Efficient Communication

Melody Dye, Petar Milin, Richard Futrell, Michael Ramscar
Topics in Cognitive Science
December 8, 2017

Injury Activates Transient Olfactory Stem Cell States with Diverse Lineage Capacities

Levi Gadye, Diya Das, Michael A. Sanchez, Kelly Street, Ariane Baudhuin, Allon Wagner, Michael B. Cole, Yoon Gi Choi, Nir Yosef, Elizabeth Purdom, Sandrine Dudoit, Davide Risso, John Ngai, Russell B. Fletcher
Cell Stem Cell
December 7, 2017

Binder 2.0

Chris Holdgraf
November 30, 2017

A recurrent neural network for classification of unevenly sampled variable stars

Brett Naul, Joshua S. Bloom, Fernando Pérez and Stéfan van der Walt
Nature Astronomy
November 27, 2017

Computational Grounded Theory: A Methodological Framework

Laura K. Nelson
Sociological Methods & Research
November 21, 2017

LASAGNE: Locality And Structure Aware Graph Node Embedding

Evgeniy Faerman, Felix Borutta, Kimon Fountoulakis, Michael W. Mahoney
October 17, 2017

The Practice of Reproducible Research

Justin Kitzes, Daniel Turek, Fatma Deniz
University of California Press
October 2017