JupyterLab: Building Blocks for Scientific Computing

Jamie Whitacre and Brian Granger
PyData San Francisco
August 2016

Design from Zeroth Principles

Jordan W. Suchow, Michael D. Pacer, and Thomas L. Griffiths 
August 2016

Multimodal Dynamics of Explaining the Mechanisms of Global Warming

Alexandra Paxton
Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
August 2016

The Limiting Speed of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor

Jasmine A. Nirody, Richard M. Berry, and George Oste  
Biophysical Journal
August 2016

Monitoring Changes in Genetic Diversity

Bruford, M.W.; Davies, N.; Dulloo, M.E.; Faith, D.P.; Walters, M. 
The GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Observation Networks
August 2016