BIDS hosts several core developers working with NetworkX, a Python package to create, manipulate, and study the structure, dynamics, and functions of graphs and networks.

NetworkX is the reference library for network science algorithms in Python. Its creation and development was driven by research applications such as disease spread, cybersecurity, and measuring scholarly impact. Today it is a mature package that has a broad range of algorithms, a low barrier to entry (easy to learn), the ability to convert to many data formats, a simple design, good documentation that includes citations, and strong ties to the larger scientific Python ecosystem.

NetworkX enables the study of the structure and dynamics of social, biological, and infrastructure networks, providing, among other things, a standard programming interface and flexible data structures for representing networks  suitable for many applications.

BIDS researchers received funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) for their work on the open source research software platform NetworkX.

BIDS Senior Research Data Scientist Stéfan van der Walt leads the BIDS team, which includes former BIDS Data Science Fellow Jarrod Millman, a PhD student in biostatistics at UC Berkeley, BIDS Scientific Software Developer Ross Barnowski, and Colgate University mathematics professor Dan Schult.