Ross Barnowski

Job title: 
BIDS Scientific Software Developer (NumPy)

Ross Barnowski is a postdoctoral scholar working towards the development of open, interactive tools for learning and teaching NumPy. Ross has been involved in open source software for reproducible, collaborative science since 2015, primarily in his role as an educator. He holds a PhD in nuclear engineering from UC Berkeley and previously served as an assistant research scientist and lecturer in the department of nuclear engineering, teaching the graduate-level lab in nuclear instrumentation. His post-graduate research focused on systems integration and software for 3D gamma-ray imaging systems including high-resolution instruments for applications in nuclear security and molecular imaging. He has also worked on hand-portable radiation imaging systems for real-time 3D radiation mapping with applications in environmental monitoring and nuclear contamination remediation. These systems have been used to investigate gamma-ray imaging for environmental monitoring in real-world scenarios, including the area around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as well as Chernobyl, Ukraine.