George Obaido welcomes Dr. Blessing Ogbuokiri as the first guest on his "Data Science Toolbox" series

September 29, 2023

Discussion about innovative research within the realm of data science is the focus of BIDS-CHAI Data Science Research Scholar George Obaido's new "Data Science Toolbox" series. The series began on September 28, 2023, with guest Dr. Blessing Ogbuokiri discussing his work.

Vaccine Hesitancy Hotspots in Africa: An Insight from Geotagged Tweets

"Vaccine hesitancy has been a major issue faced by health policymakers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. This research aims at identifying hotspots based on sentiments expressed on vaccine-related geotagged Twitter posts in selected African countries." -- Dr. Blessing Ogbuokiri

Dr. Blessing Ogbuokiri's COVID-19 Dashboard

Screenshot of Dr.Blessing Ogbuokiri's COVID-19 Dashboard