Akram Bayat

Job title: 
I4H Data Science Health Innovation Fellow

Akram Bayat is a data scientist with expertise at the intersection of AI and healthcare. She was a postdoc associate at MIT Media Lab where her research focused on creating novel intersections between engineering, medical imaging, machine learning, and medicine to develop innovative high-impact patient-centered research. Bayat received her Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Massachusetts Boston. During her Ph.D. research, she worked on developing machine learning algorithms for solving real-world problems and conducted experimental studies for modeling of human physical and behavioral characteristics. Bayat has significant expertise in applying deep learning for computer vision applications. Her research has been published in leading computer science conferences and journals and won numerous awards. Her recent work in computational staining of pathology images was published at Jama and mentioned at MIT News in May 2020.


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Research interests: 

Computer Vision, Machine/Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, Wearable Sensors