BIDS Alumni

BIDS Alumni

Here is a list of BIDS Alumni:

Madeline Adee - Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow

Akram Bayat - I4H Data Science Innovation Fellow

Sebastian Berg - Scientific Software Developer

Elizabeth Breen - Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow

Caitlin Chan - Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow

Alagia Cirolia - Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow

Monica De La Cruz - Berkeley Computational Social...

Jessie Harney

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow
Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Jessie Harney is a PhD candidate and Graduate Student Researcher at the Goldman School of Public Policy. Her research interests are in criminal justice system reform with a specific focus on mental health and improving outcomes for those whose lives are impacted by the carceral system. She holds degrees in Psychology (BS) from Truman State University, Biostatistics (MS) from Washington University in St. Louis, and Public Policy (MPP) from the University of California, Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy.



Rebecca Barter

BIDS Alumni
Former BIDS Data Science Fellow
University of Utah

Rebecca Barter is a statistician, data scientist, educator, and communicator who has a dual passion for empowering others by teaching critical thinking and technical skills for data science, and for uncovering the hidden patterns and stories that live inside complex datasets (primarily related to healthcare and medicine). Barter is working on making healthcare data more accessible, developing data science curriculum, and teaching data science to clinical researchers.



Elizabeth Smith

I4H Data Science Health Innovation Fellow

Elizabeth Smith is a biophysicist and data scientist who is passionate about using data and algorithms to improve lives and make work more efficient. She spent the past five years at a geospatial analytics startup where she applied artificial intelligence / machine learning to build software products from terabytes of satellite imagery. Her postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF and the Advanced Light Source focused on developing novel methods to image, reconstruct, co-align and analyze features within three-dimensional tomographic reconstructions. Dr. Smith has a PhD in biophysics from the...

Benjamin Lacar

I4H Data Science Health Innovation Fellow

Benjamin Lacar studied biochemistry at UCLA and earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Yale University. His postdoctoral research at the Salk Institute was the first to report transcriptomes of activated single-neurons. He subsequently joined Fluidigm to help develop genomics applications. In his initial role as a product applications scientist, he analyzed data for marketing, educated staff and customers, and supported external collaborations across a variety of research domains. He then created analysis pipelines to facilitate method development as a bioinformatics scientist. Seeking to...

Elena Glassman

BIDS Alumni
Former BIDS Data Science Fellow (EECS)

Former BIDS Data Science Fellow Elena Glassman is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Harvard Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (SEAS), and the Stanley A. Marks & William H. Marks Professor at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. At UC Berkeley, Glassman was an EECS postdoctoral researcher at the Berkeley Institute of Design, advised by Bjoern Hartmann. She earned her EECS PhD at MIT CSAIL in August 2016, where she created scalable systems that analyze, visualize, and provide insight into the code of thousands of programming students. Prior...

Nick Adams

BIDS Alumni
Former BIDS Research Fellow (Social Science)

Former BIDS Research Fellow Nick Adams, PhD, is now Founder & Chief Scientist of Goodly Labs, an organization that provides collaborative online resources and opportunities that enable citizen scientists to engage with publicly available data. He is a sociologist, data scientist, and creator building tools and experiences that help people find common ground and build a better society. In a career motivated by his aspiration to improve the world, Adams has led electoral campaigns, directed the national security division of a...

Andreas Zoglauer

Alumni Council
Former BIDS Data Science Fellow

Andreas Zoglauer works at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory on COSI, the Compton Spectrometer and Imager, a NASA satellite to be launched in 2027. He is COSI's project scientist and leads the development of its science data operations center.


Giles Hooker

BIDS Alumni
Statistics, UC Berkeley
Professor, Statistics, UC Berkeley

Giles Hooker’s research interests focus on the interface of statistics with both machine learning and applied mathematics, as well as functional data analysis and robust statistics. Much of his research has been inspired by applications in ecology and healthcare.


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Deb Agarwal

BIDS Alumni
Scientific Data Division, LBNL
Senior Scientist and Scientific Data (SciData) Division Director, LBNL

Dr. Agarwal's research focuses on scientific tools which enable sharing of scientific experiments, advanced networking infrastructure to support sharing of scientific data, data analysis support infrastructure for eco-science, and cybersecurity infrastructure to secure collaborative environments.


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