Anubhav Jain

Job title: 
BIDS Research Affiliate
Energy Technologies Area, LBNL
  • Staff Scientist, Energy Storage & Distributed Resources, LBNL

Anubhav Jain leads a research group studying new materials design using a mix of theory, computing, and artificial intelligence. Jain develops, evaluates, and applies models for predicting materials properties to applications such as electrocatalysis, thermoelectrics, solar photovoltaics, energy storage, and more. He is involved in robotic synthesis of new materials at LBNL's "A-lab", is the Associate Director of LBNL's Materials Project initiative, and is part of the leadership team of DOE's Durable Module Materials consortium.


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Research interests: 

Deep Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Interpretable Machine Learning, Materials Discovery and Design