Benjamin Lacar

Job title: 
I4H Data Science Health Innovation Fellow

Benjamin Lacar studied biochemistry at UCLA and earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience from Yale University. His postdoctoral research at the Salk Institute was the first to report transcriptomes of activated single-neurons. He subsequently joined Fluidigm to help develop genomics applications. In his initial role as a product applications scientist, he analyzed data for marketing, educated staff and customers, and supported external collaborations across a variety of research domains. He then created analysis pipelines to facilitate method development as a bioinformatics scientist. Seeking to extend his data science skills towards societal impact, he completed an Insight Data Science Fellowship where he identified schools and community features associated with low-income student success using binary classification models. As an Innovate For Health Fellow, he is interested in impacting health care, especially for underserved communities. He looks forward to discussing innovative approaches with the faculty, staff and fellows in the program.


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Research interests: 

Bioinformatics, Biology, Machine Learning, Omics Data