Benjamin Nachman

Staff Scientist, Physics Division, LBNL
BIDS Research Affiliate

Real name: 
Benjamin Nachman

Ben Nachman is a Staff Scientist in the Physics Division at LBNL where he is the group leader of the cross-cutting Machine Learning for Fundamental Physics group. He was a Churchill Scholar at Cambridge University and then received his Ph.D. in Physics and Ph.D. minor in Statistics from Stanford University. After graduating, he was a Chamberlain Fellow in the Physics Division at Berkeley Lab. Nachman develops, adapts, and deploys machine learning algorithms to enhance data analysis in high energy physics. He is a member of the ATLAS Collaboration at CERN.


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ATLAS-PHO-Event-2015-058-6 - Nachman - Image source: CERN

Anomaly Detection using Deep Learning for Fundamental Physics Discovery

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