Graduate Fellows

Annette Gailliot

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow
Sociology, UC Berkeley

Annette Gailliot is a Sociology PhD student at UC Berkeley, with a specialization in Political Economy. Her research focuses on how technology is changing work-based inequalities and regulations. Combining historical and quantitative methods, she is particularly interested in understanding how barriers to social welfare access affect health outcomes. Prior to starting her PhD, she worked on The Shift Project at the Harvard Kennedy School, studying how unpredictable scheduling affects wellbeing and health for low-wage service sector workers. Gailliot holds dual Bachelors of Science in...

Amanda Glazer

Berkeley Computational Research for Equity in the Legal System Fellow
Statistics, UC Berkeley

Amanda Glazer is currently a Statistics PhD candidate. Her research focuses on nonparametric methods, with an emphasis on expanding the theory and proper use of permutation tests in social good applications. She has a wide range of applied interests including education, sports and criminal justice. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Amanda earned her BA in mathematics and statistics, with a minor in computer science, from Harvard.



Meareg Hailemariam

BIDS Graduate Fellow
Development Engineering, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

Meareg Hailemariam is a master's student in Development Engineering at the UC Berkeley College of Engineering. His research interests lie at the intersection of data analytics/machine learning and development issues. Currently, as part of his capstone project, he is working with the Potts Lab and fellow DevEng students on a research project that uses Meta Ads Reach estimates to track climate-driven seasonal migration in the case of Guatemala. He is also a Digital Transformation of Development fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Countries, UC Berkeley.


Luyi Jian

Berkeley Computational Research for Equity in the Legal System Fellow
Social Welfare, UC Berkeley

Luyi Jian is currently a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare. Her research is
situated within the juvenile and criminal legal systems, focusing on intervention strategies at
the individual level and policy evaluation at the systemic level. Her dissertation explores a
strength-based, innovative intervention that aims to translate the largely abstract Positive
Youth Justice paradigm into real application. Specifically, she explores the extent to which
justice-involved youth develop a prosocial identity or sense of self, and tests the conditions

Jonathan Landeros-Cisneros

Berkeley Computational Research for Equity in the Legal System Fellow
Education, Critical Studies UC Berkeley

Joni Landeros-Cisneros is a Ph.D. student in Education at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a Master of Anthropology and a BS in Anthropology from Iowa State University. Additionally, he has contributed to academia by instructing courses with critical and decolonial frameworks in the fields of education and Spanish language learning. His research portfolio spans interdisciplinary quantitative and qualitative methods, with a focus on critical social issues such as whiteness in pedagogical content, carceral humanitarianism in K-12, and targeted racialized policing in...

Daniel Lobo

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow
Sociology, UC Berkeley

Daniel Lobo is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at UC Berkeley. Historically, his research interests have been in education inequality in K-12 and higher education, with a focus on the life outcomes of low-income students. Lobo is currently interested in two lines of research: the global political economy of higher education and the effects of social media on cultural production and reproduction. Epistemologically, he seeks to leverage big data and machine learning to bridge disciplines in his research and to ask predictive questions in the social sciences. As a CSSTP fellow,...

Marisa Tsai

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow
Epidemiology, Public Health, UC Berkeley

Marisa Tsai is a PhD student in Epidemiology at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Her research focuses on the effects of early life nutrition and the role of federal nutrition assistance programs in reducing health disparities, increasing food security, and improving dietary intake. Prior to starting her PhD, she worked on studies evaluating policy changes in school meals, healthy retail policies, and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. Marisa holds an MS and MPH in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs from the Friedman School of Nutrition...

Christina Misunas

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow

Christina Misunas is a PhD student in Demography at UC Berkeley. Her research to date has focused on the intersection of gender, health, and education in low- and middle-income countries. For the past five years, she has worked with Population Council and UNICEF’s Data Analysis Unit on research around girls’ education, child marriage, and adolescent childbearing. Prior to working in research, Christina spent several years in Washington, DC, working on global advocacy and programming for sexual and reproductive health with Marie Stopes International and the Open Society Foundations. Misunas...

Krista Neumann

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow
Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Public Health, UC Berkeley

Krista Neumann is a PhD student in Epidemiology at Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Her goal is to apply her training in Mathematics to social epidemiological questions focused on reducing health disparities. Neumann’s current research interests aim to answer the causal question: which policies, programs and interventions most successfully reduce systematically embedded barriers to health for marginalized and low-income communities. She’s particularly interested in food and nutrition insecurity as a specific outcome, as well as ways to overcome obstacles which prevent evidence from...

Ángel Mendiola Ross

Berkeley Computational Social Science Fellow, Berkeley Computational Research for Equity in the Legal System Fellow
Sociology, UC Berkeley

Ángel Mendiola Ross is a PhD candidate in sociology with a designated emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies. He conducts research at the intersection of (sub)urban sociology, race and inequality, housing, and policing. Their current project examines land use policies and law enforcement practices in newer, fast-growing suburbs to better understand contemporary drivers of segregation in the post-civil rights era. Their past work empirically tested evidence of racial threat and renter threat in California suburbs with a focus on communities on the receiving end of gentrification and...