Past Events

Optimal robot action for and around people

October 23, 2018
190 Doe Library
Speaker: Anca Dragan

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

October 18, 2018
Pasadena, CA
Speaker: Henry Brady

, Ken Goldberg

The Distributional Effects of Minimum Wages: Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data

October 10, 2018

, John Voorheis

Letters of recommendation in Berkeley undergraduate admissions: Program evaluation and natural language processing

October 9, 2018
190 Doe Library

, Jesse Rothstein

Detecting Change in Global Biodiversity through Large Scale Network Analysis

October 4, 2018
190 Doe Library
Speaker: Carl Boettiger

The challenge of big data and data science for the social sciences

October 2, 2018
190 Doe Library
Speaker: Henry Brady

Large Scale Stochastic Training of Neural Networks

September 26, 2018
UC Berkeley
Speaker: Amir Gholami

Data and sustainability science and practice

September 18, 2018
190 Doe Library
Speaker: Daniel Kammen

Frontiers in Water Forecasting: Merging Data-Intensive Approaches with First Principles

September 13, 2018
190 Doe Library
Speaker: Laurel Larsen

Cooking Data with Care: Qualitative and Quantitative Studies of Wikipedia

August 23, 2018
Paris, France
Speaker: R. Stuart Geiger

, Aaron Halfaker