Past Events

Defending Against Disinformation

September 21, 2021
Virtual Participation
Speaker: Hany Farid, Henry Brady

Homeland Security in a Post-Trump Era: Bi-Partisan Insights for the Coming Years

February 4, 2021
Virtual Presentation

, Janet Napolitano

Fact or Fiction: Disinformation and Freedom of Speech

January 31, 2021
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Henry Brady

, Erwin Chemerinsky
, Geeta Anand
, Janet Napolitano

Campus Conversations — Meet Dean Jennifer Chayes

January 27, 2021
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Jennifer Chayes

COVID-19 Misinformation: Understanding and Seeking Truth during a Pandemic

December 8, 2020
Virtual Participation
Speaker: Saul Perlmutter, Nick Adams, Hany Farid

, Deirdre Mulligan

Election 2020: What’s Next?

November 4, 2020
Virtual Participation
Speaker: Henry Brady, Lisa García Bedolla

Election Integrity and Security

October 26, 2020
Virtual Participation
Speaker: Jennifer Chayes, Henry Brady, Susan Hyde, Philip B. Stark

, David Wagner
, Steven Weber

COVID-19 in the global south: economic impacts and recovery

June 10, 2020
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Edward Miguel, Joshua Blumenstock

COVID-19: Tracking, data privacy, and getting the numbers right

May 13, 2020
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Saul Perlmutter, Uroš Seljak

, Shafi Goldwasser
, Jacob Steinhardt

How COVID-19 will shape the 2020 election

May 8, 2020
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Henry Brady, Philip B. Stark

, Sarah Anzia
, Erwin Chemerinsky
, Bertrall Ross