Past Events

Data science for social impact in university-based programs

November 10, 2021
Virtual Participation

Place and Displacement: Bias in Our Algorithms and Society

October 28, 2021
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Jennifer Chayes

, Devin Guillory
, Michael I. Jordan
, Angélique Kidjo
, Nika Haghtalab

Critical Infrastructure Under Stress

October 8, 2021
UC Berkeley
Speaker: Alison Post, Daniel Kam­men

Guaranteed Income for Reentry: A Conversation with Michael Tubbs, Mayors for Guaranteed Income, and the East Bay Community Foundation

June 29, 2021
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Erin M. Kerrison

Joint Initiative for Causal Inference (JICI) Webinar Series - Spring 2021

March 3, 2021
Virtual Participation
Speaker: Maya Petersen

Woman and the Glacier

November 10, 2020
Virtual Presentation
Speaker: Váleri N. Vásquez