Arash Ardakani gives special presentation on DiffSampler

April 12, 2024

During a recent Zoom session, BIDS Research Scholar Arash Ardakani gave a special presentation DiffSampler: A Differential and Inherently Parallel Sampling Method for Verification to BIDS Faculty Director Fernando Pérez and others. 

Arash Ardakani Zoom screenshot

The presentation began with a discussion of embedded systems and their failures. He noted: "Such consequences necessitates design verification and testing, in particular for safety-critical applications!"

For access to complete details, Arash made his presentation available publicly, added DiffSampler code to GitHub, and shared the paper Late Breaking Results: Differential and Massively Parallel Sampling of SAT Formulas (authors: Arash Ardakani, Minwoo Kang, Kevin He, Vighnesh Iyer, Suhong Moon, John Wawrzynek).