BIDS Alumni

Sebastian Berg

BIDS Alum – Scientific Software Developer (NumPy)

Sebastian Berg was a postdoctoral scholar at BIDS working to advance NumPy. He started working on the NumPy project in 2012, and he has been a member of the NumPy steering council since 2015, when the governance of the project was formalized. He received his PhD in physics from the University of Göttingen studying the dynamics during cardiac arrhythmia. During his PhD work he focused on the experimental characterization of the spatio-temporal dynamics and its control during ventricular fibrillation in the rabbit heart.

Sara Stoudt

BIDS Alumni
Former BIDS Data Science Fellow (Statistics)

Former BIDS Data Science Fellow Sara Stoudt is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Bucknell University. At UC Berkeley, she was a PhD student in Statistics advised by Professors Will Fithian and Perry de Valpine. Her research interests included ecological applications of statistics and assessing the identifiability and robustness of inference under model misspecification in species distribution models. She was also involved in teaching writing for statistics with Professor Deborah Nolan. Prior to being a BIDS Fellow, Sara was supported by a...


A list of BIDS Alumni

Ross Barnowski

BIDS Scientific Software Developer (NumPy)

Ross Barnowski is a postdoctoral scholar working towards the development of open, interactive tools for learning and teaching NumPy. Ross has been involved in open source software for reproducible, collaborative science since 2015, primarily in his role as an educator. He holds a PhD in nuclear engineering from UC Berkeley and previously served as an assistant research scientist and lecturer in the department of nuclear engineering, teaching the graduate-level lab in nuclear instrumentation. His post-graduate research focused...