"A representative set of matched real and synthetic faces."

AI-synthesized faces cross the "uncanny valley"

/ February 24, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI)–powered audio, image, and video synthesis has democratized access to previously exclusive Hollywood-grade, special effects technology. From synthesizing speech using anyone’s voice, to synthesizing an image of a fictional person and swapping one person’s identity with another, or altering what they are saying in a video, AI-synthesized content holds the power to entertain but also deceive. So-called "deep fakes" are also being weaponized for the purposes of nonconsensual intimate imagery, financial fraud, and disinformation campaigns.

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Immigrants and refugees: Untapped data science potential

/ February 8, 2022

This article is cross-posted with  Immigrants and refugees: Untapped data science potential February 8, 2022  |   Accenture Strategy & Consulting Wendy Chan, Fernando Constantino, Kristina Shahoian, Alexandre de Siqueira, Marsha Fenner, Ciera Martinez, Jennie Murray, Fahad Alnimah ___________________________

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“I don’t believe you. So what if it is true? You are not one of us.” — The disinformation challenge and what it really is about

Anni Hellman / February 4, 2022

Before this academic year I have been working in the European Commission, the European Union institution with a prerogative for policy initiatives. In 2017, when a new Bulgarian Commissioner, Maryah Gabriel, was nominated, my unit’s world changed overnight from a tranquil unit funding European media and social media research into a policy unit in charge of the European Commission’s disinformation policy.