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‘Acknowledging past injustices’: UC Berkeley Division of Data Sciences holds event focused on increasing, celebrating diversity

/ March 6, 2019

Katherine Finman  |  The Daily Californian In order to increase diversity and inclusion within the data science field, the UC Berkeley Division of Data Sciences partnered with the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, or BIDS, to host an informational data research event in Doe Library on Tuesday.

Introducing TraefikProxy — a scalable and highly available proxy for JupyterHub

/ March 6, 2019

Georgiana Dolocan  |  Jupyter Blog In the JupyterHub context, the proxy is the unit in charge of directing the user requests to their notebook servers. The proxy manages a list of [user : notebook] mappings (the proxy routing table) in order to decide which request is sent where. The routing table must be continuously updated as users start and stop their servers without disrupting the requests being processed. The following drawing illustrates the proxy functionality in a JupyterHub deployment.

cervical cells

Advancing machine vision tools for the early identification of cancerous cells

/ February 15, 2019

In this new article by BIDS Senior Fellow Dani Ushizima and her colleagues at CRIC, the team introduces new computational tools for analyzing cell samples, and screening cervical cells to help researchers in the early detection of cancer of the womb. Using digitized images and incorporating deep learning techniques, the new tools improve on existing techniques for cellular analyses by detecting microscopic abnormalities accurately.

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BIDS/UC Berkeley team takes on fintech challenge at the Chengdu 80 hackathon

Marsha Fenner / February 13, 2019

BIDS Data Science Fellows Sören Künzel and Chris Kennedy recently participated in the Chengdu 80 FinTech Design and Development Competition at the SWUFE & CDAR 2018 Symposium: Reform Through Fintech in Chengdu, China.

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Shining a spotlight on medical imaging applications at PMWC 2019

Daniela Ushizima / February 12, 2019

As a computer vision expert and long-term UCSF collaborator, I was invited to be a speaker on the Precision Imaging for Prediction panel, one of the opening acts at last week’s Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) 2019, which took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley on January 20-23.

Diversity & Inclusion Working Group event image

BIDS’ new Diversity and Inclusion Working Group to host workshop series for underrepresented undergraduates

Marsha Fenner / January 31, 2019

BIDS has formed a new working group to celebrate and help support and promote the diverse perspectives and identities of Berkeley’s active data science community.

Best Practices for Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in Data Science

R. Stuart Geiger / January 29, 2019

A blog post by Stuart Geiger and Orianna DeMasi, based on a conversation with Andreas Zoglauer, Diya Das, Fernando Hoces de la Guardia, Kellie Ottoboni, Marsha Fenner, Nelle Varoquaux, Rebecca Barter, Richard Barnes, Sara Stoudt, Stacey Dorton, and Stéfan van der Walt (names in alphabetical order), with additional contributions and links from Aaron Culich. Introduction

rooftop solar panels

New research explores disparities in US rooftop solar deployment

Marsha Fenner / January 10, 2019

In a new paper in Nature Sustainability, BIDS Senior Fellow Dan Kammen, former BIDS Data Science Fellow Deborah Sunter, and UC Berkeley researcher Sergio Castellanos investigate rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) deployment across the US, and explore disparities in its adoption based on race and ethnicity.