Jennifer Tour Chayes

Jennifer Tour Chayes to lead UC Berkeley data science in 2020

Marsha Fenner / August 14, 2019

Jennifer Tour Chayes — currently a Microsoft technical fellow and managing director for Microsoft Research in New England, New York, and Montreal — will become UC Berkeley's new Associate Provost for the Division of Data Science and Information and Dean of the School of Information, beginning her term on January 1, 2020.

Charuleka Varadharajan Receives DOE Early Career Research Award

/ August 6, 2019

This article is cross-posted from Charuleka Varadharajan Receives DOE Early Career Research Award August 6, 2019  |  Christina Procopiou  |  LBL EESA News ___________________________

Jason Carney designed and installed this solar array in Nashville, Tenn. Photo: Tamara Reynolds for NPR

Stepping Into The Sun: A Mission To Bring Solar Energy To Communities Of Color

/ July 23, 2019

Today on All Things Considered, an installment of NPR's Special Series on Getting To Zero Carbon: The Climate Challenge features Tufts University assistant professor and former BIDS Data Science Fellow Deborah Sunter discussing her research — with Sergio Castellanos and BIDS Senior Fellow Dan Kammen — regarding racial and ethnic disparities in rooftop solar adoption.

rOpenSci logo

rOpenSci receives Sloan Foundation award to expand software peer review

/ July 15, 2019

BIDS Senior Researcher and rOpenSci Co-founder and Project Lead Karthik Ram; along with collaborator Noam Ross, an Associate editor of rOpenSci Software Peer Review and a senior scientist at EcoHealth Alliance; have received a new grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to expand rOpenSci efforts in software peer review.

Jupyter logo

Jupyter Community Workshop Showcases Open Source Success

/ July 12, 2019

Three-day event at Berkeley Lab and BIDS focused on Jupyter in HPC and science user facilities July 12, 2019  |  Kathy Kincade  |  Berkeley Computing Sciences News

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University of California announces collaboration with Janssen to expand data science research in healthcare

/ June 28, 2019

New Fellowship Program Facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation to Recruit Data Scientists for High-Impact, Data-Driven Healthcare Research

Nofima logo

BIDS and Nofima partner to support postdoctoral research in diffusion MRI for sustainable seafood

Stéfan van der Walt / June 24, 2019

Nearly half of all edible seafood is wasted due to real or perceived quality problems. At the same time seafood characterization, which could greatly improve the situation, remains highly qualitative. Nofima, the Norwegian institute of food, fisheries and aquaculture research, in collaboration with BIDS and Lund University, is setting out to change this.

ImageXD logo square 100

2019 ImageXD Conference to feature revolutionary advances in image processing technology

Daniela Ushizima / June 11, 2019

I recently spoke at Berkeley Lab to a group of visitors that included the Senior Policy Advisor to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Kenneth DeGraff. The purpose of the talk was to highlight the work being done with two of the five unique national user facilities here at Berkeley Lab: the Advanced Light Source (ALS) and the Molecular Foundry.