BIDS Announces GraphXD (Graphs across Domains)

Jarrod Millman / September 25, 2017

Graphs (or networks) are composed of vertices connected by edges. Pictorially, a graph might be represented like this: Graph with 5 vertices and 6 edges

As biotic communities form, pollinators swap one plant for another

Lauren Ponisio / September 21, 2017

This press release from the UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources features BIDS Alumni Lauren Ponisio, whose recent article in Ecology Letters describes her research toward a clearer understanding of how networks of plants and pollinators form over time to create biotic communities. The results of their research could help scientists and conservationists rebuild communities when a species goes locally extinct.

Threshing Text and Understanding Police and Protests

Marsha Fenner / September 14, 2017

BIDS' Nick Adams is featured in this interview with Andrea Jones-Rooy in NYU's Data Science Demystified podcast, in which they discuss Nick's TextThresher collaboration software, which uses text-classifying and analysis algorithms to identify important social and political concepts, including the relationship between police and protests. 

BIDS is hiring a new Executive Director

/ September 11, 2017

We welcome applications to join BIDS as our next Executive Director, where you will contribute to a strong and cohesive community of researchers around data science at Berkeley and beyond. 

BIDS Transitions

Saul Perlmutter / September 6, 2017

As our fall semester begins, BIDS continues to grow and develop with new people and programs, and I would like to share with you some important developments.