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December 2018 NumPy Developer Weekend

Matti Picus / January 10, 2019

On Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1st, we held a NumPy developer meeting at BIDS. In attendance was the BIDS NumPy team (Stéfan van der Walt, Tyler Reddy, and Matti Picus), core developers Charles Harris, Eric Wieser, and Stefan Hoyer, as well as dask founder Matthew Rocklin. Here follows an outline of the discussion, which is also documented in the meeting notes.

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scikit-image receives CZI funding to improve biomedical imaging

Marsha Fenner / December 12, 2018

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative announced this month funding for open-source software efforts to improve image analysis and visualization in biomedicine. The announcement includes funding for scikit-image.

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Google's “Superhuman” Game-Playing AI. Is It Truly Intelligent?

/ December 11, 2018

BIDS Senior Fellow Bin Yu is featured in this NOVA Next article about Google's new Alpha Zero "self-teaching artificial intelligence software," which Google claims "taught itself to play chess, shogi, and Go in a matter of hours" and mastered all three to the extent that it outperforms the current top-ranking AIs in the gameplay arena.

Challenges of Doing Data-Intensive Research in Teams and Groups

R. Stuart Geiger / October 24, 2018

Report from the BIDS Best Practices in Data Science Series by Stuart Geiger and Dan Sholler, based on a conversation with Aaron Culich, Ciera Martinez, Fernando Hoces, Francois Lanusse, Kellie Ottoboni, Marla Stuart, Maryam Vareth, Sara Stoudt, and Stéfan van der Walt.