Can Slow Creep along Thrust Faults Help Forecast Megaquakes?

/ February 1, 2016

BIDS fellow Bob Nadeau was co-author on a paper that was recently published in Science on patterns of repeating earthquakes and their connection to large earthquakes in Japan. According to Bob, what's "exciting about this study is it shows for the first time the connection between regular episodes (and the slow-slip inferred from them) and the occurrence of larger earthquakes." by Bob Sanders, UC Berkeley Media Relations

BIDS Docker Workshop Overview and Lessons Learned

/ January 11, 2016

A big thank you to Titus Brown, associate professor of population health and reproduction at UC Davis, for hosting a two-day Docker Workshop at BIDS. Below is a write-up of the event as well as Titus's takeaways from the workshop.

Recap: Workshop on the Future of Open Science and Publishing

Justin Kitzes / December 14, 2015

On November 2, we hosted a workshop at BIDS to discuss the future of open science and publishing. Our goal was to explore how increasing calls for openness are likely to affect the landscape of academic research and scholarly communication in the coming decades. The workshop kicked off in the morning with a panel discussion in the Banatao Auditorium on Berkeley campus. Our five invited panelists each presented their organization's current initiatives and future visions surrounding open scholarship.

Looking at the Pain of Others (on Social Media)

Charlotte Cabasse / December 7, 2015

BIDS ethnographer Charlotte Cabasse-Mazel recently published a blog post for Platypus reflecting on "the complexity of witnessing from a distance, and engaging with, catastrophic events, disasters or, in this case, terrorist attacks [the November 2015 Paris attacks]" and discussing the concept of resilience from an STS perspective.

The AMP Lab Stands Up to Big Data

/ December 2, 2015

By: Wallace Ravven   The iPhone is fully charged, but the car battery isn’t. Siri to the rescue. In a flash, she pinpoints the nearest towing service. Siri taps into a nearly limitless world of data by asking thousands of clustered computers to come up with a quick, reliable answer.

I-School Course Teaches New Approaches to Measuring Impact

/ November 24, 2015

A course taught by BIDS fellow Dav Clark and aligned closely with BIDS Collaborative was recently featured in a Blum Center article. By Tamara Straus