Call for Fellows—Spring 2017

Kevin Koy / March 3, 2017

We are excited to invite applications for our next cohort in the BIDS Data Science Fellow Program.  Successful applicants will join our current cohort of fellows in helping advance data analysis in the research sciences. BIDS data science fellows are postdoctoral scholars, graduate student researchers, or staff with excellent credentials in their fields as well as strong interests in advancing data intensive approaches with a community of like-minded individuals from across campus. 

The State of Jupyter

Fernando Pérez / February 14, 2017

This post was originally published at the O'Reilly Ideas site on January 26, 2017. In this post, we’ll look at Project Jupyter and answer three questions:

Simple Random Sampling: Not So Simple

Kellie Ottoboni / February 3, 2017

Simple random sampling is drawing k objects from a group of n in such a way that all possible subsets are equally likely. In practice, it is difficult to draw truly random samples. Instead, people tend to draw samples using

A Beginner's Guide to Diversity and Inclusivity

Laura Norén / February 3, 2017

Defining Diversity and Inclusivity

Automatic Differentiation and Cosmology Simulation

Yu Feng / February 3, 2017

One project at Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics studies the reconstruction of the cosmic initial condition based on observations of the later-time universe.

The Practice of Reproducible Research - cover image

The Practice of Reproducible Research: Fully Open Online Book Now Live

Justin Kitzes / January 31, 2017

Last Friday, we held a symposium to launch the online version of our new book The Practice of Reproducible Research: Case Studies and Lessons from the Data-Intensive Sciences (to be published in print by the University of California Press later this year).

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Connected Corridors: New Methods for Urban Traffic Management

/ January 23, 2017

BIDS will host a tea event on January 24, 2017, with guests Brian Peterson and Anthony Patire of the Institute of Transportation Studies’ Connected Corridors program. They will be discussing a pilot program in partnership with Caltrans to improve urban transportation corridor management on the I-210 corridor in Southern California.