Tree of Life Faces Deep Cuts from Climate Change

/ September 21, 2016

BIDS Senior Fellow Brent Mishler and his colleagues recently published a study in Nature Climate Change that used "a new big data analytic method to model the effects of climate change on eucalypts" to determine how "climate change could impact whole groups of related species and biodiversity on a larger scale." Read the full article below. by Andy Murdock, UC Newsroom

Researchers Find Climate Change Already Playing Major Roles

/ September 14, 2016

BIDS Senior Fellow Solomon Hsiang's recent work shows that not only will the consequences of future climate change be substantial but that our current climate will also have significant social and economic impacts. Read the full story below. by Kathleen Maclay, UC Berkeley Media Relations

URAP Opportunities for Undergraduate Data Science Students

/ August 26, 2016

Undergraduate Data Science Students, In case you haven’t heard, there is a fantastic program on campus that provides students the opportunity to apply the skills you learn in class to hands-on research projects led by UC Berkeley faculty.

Fall 2016 Data Science Lecture Series Lineup

/ August 17, 2016

We have a great lineup of speakers from industry and academia for our Data Science Lecture Series. The lectures are held Fridays, 1:10–2:30 p.m. in 190 Doe Library (one-hour lectures followed by Q&A). Please keep an eye on our Events page to learn more about each of these lectures as detailed information becomes available.

Welcoming BIDS 2016 Data Science Fellows

Kevin Koy / July 25, 2016

We are thrilled to introduce our 2016 cohort of data science fellows! With diverse research backgrounds and experiences, the new fellows will help lead our community in driving data science innovations and enhancing collaborations across UC Berkeley and beyond. Please join us in welcoming them:

BIDS at SciPy 2016

Ali Ferguson / July 18, 2016

Last week, several BIDS fellows and members headed down to Austin, TX, for SciPy 2016, the 15th annual Scientific Computing with Python conference. The general purpose of SciPy is to bring industry, academia, and government participants together to highlight their work, learn from Python power users, and collaborate on code development.

ImageXD: Image Processing across Domains

Kevin Koy / June 22, 2016

By Kevin Koy and Ariel Rokem Incredible advances are being made in image processing techniques and tools, but the researchers who use them typically don’t have the opportunity to communicate with others who work on similar problems in different domains. ImageXD was founded by Berkeley and Washington partners from the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments (MSDSE) to address these challenges.

Developing a Feel It, Smell It, Touch It Analytics

/ June 4, 2016

In this blog post segment for, Laura Nelson uses sports analytics as a starting point to call for a critical feminist computational social science.  It appeared in's blog post entitled "Forum on Data Analytics and Inclusivity, Part 1" posted by Brayden King on June 4, 2016.

Another BIDS Data Science Faire in the Books

Ali Ferguson / May 6, 2016

Earlier this week, we held our third annual Data Science Faire to celebrate data science at BIDS and UC Berkeley. Like last year, we invited poster/demo presenters from around campus to showcase their data science projects, welcoming participants from Research IT, Digital Humanities, the Space Sciences Laboratory, the California Digital Libary, and many more.

Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions

/ April 28, 2016

BIDS senior fellow Tom Griffiths recently co-authored a book (Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions) that "combines the best of computer science and human intuition to head off an epidemic of too many choices and not enough time." Continue reading to learn more. by Yasmin Anwar, UC Berkeley Media Relations Information overload and “fear of missing out” may rank among the biggest contributors to chronic indecision. But help is at hand.