Challenges of Doing Data-Intensive Research in Teams and Groups

R. Stuart Geiger / October 24, 2018

Report from the BIDS Best Practices in Data Science Series by Stuart Geiger and Dan Sholler, based on a conversation with Aaron Culich, Ciera Martinez, Fernando Hoces, Francois Lanusse, Kellie Ottoboni, Marla Stuart, Maryam Vareth, Sara Stoudt, and Stéfan van der Walt.

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Bin Yu and James Sethian receive CZ Biohub "Intercampus Research Awards"

Marsha Fenner / September 27, 2018

BIDS Senior Fellows Bin Yu and James Sethian have each been awarded funding through CZ Biohub's new Intercampus Research Awards program to pursue collaborative research projects that advance human health.

NumPy presentations at EuroScipy 2018

Matti Picus / September 24, 2018

I recently attended EuroScipy 2018, which was held in the beautiful city of Trento, Italy. The conference, attended by about 200 people from all over Europe, began with two days of tutorials, then two days of talks, and ended with a sprint day.


CDAR announces 2018 Symposium, focusing on data science applications in finance and risk management

/ September 13, 2018

The fourth annual CDAR Symposium (Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk) will convene on October 19, 2018, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm at UC Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium. 2018 CDAR Symposium Date: October 19, 2018 Time: 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM Locations: Memorial Stadium, UC Berkeley

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Cervical cancer, taboos and cure: why do we need to streamline cancer detection?

Daniela Ushizima / September 12, 2018

From Ada Lovelace, the British mathematician who wrote the first computer program, to Henrietta Lacks, the African American woman who revolutionized medical research with her tumoral cells, dying from cervical cancer has been the price to pay for being a woman.