Kevin Koy / December 4, 2014

$4.5 Million for Big-Data Projects in Ecology, Astronomy, Microscopy

/ October 2, 2014

By Robert Sanders With new computational tricks, Laura Waller hopes to turn simple microscopes into cutting-edge imaging machines. Joshua Bloom wants to train computers to be surrogate astronomers so they can discover new celestial phenomena within the streaming torrent of data from telescopes.

10-Second Alert: The View from the Berkeley Seismo Lab

/ August 25, 2014

By Public Affairs, UC Berkeley 

Big Turnout for BIDS Launch

/ December 3, 2013

By Cathy Cockrell, NewsCenter 

New Data Science Institute to Help Scholars Harness "Big Data"

/ November 13, 2013

By: Robert Sanders In a world awash in data, UC Berkeley is meeting the flood head-on by establishing a new institute to support faculty, researchers and students in their efforts to mine this information in areas as diverse as astronomy and economics, genetics and demography.