BIDS announces 2018 Data Science Research Projects

Marsha Fenner / September 12, 2018

BIDS is pleased to announce the three award recipients of our 2018 Call for Data Science Research Projects.


Berkeley Lab, BIDS Take on Big Data

/ August 30, 2018

August 30, 2018 | Linda Vu | Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences News

BIDS welcomes our 2018 Data Science Fellows

David Mongeau / August 24, 2018

BIDS welcomes our 2018 cohort of Data Science Fellows! This year’s cohort joins our growing campus-wide community creating and applying talent, theory and tools for data-intensive discovery to advance interdisciplinary research and training.

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Announcing the new 'Data Analysis Tools Series': BIDS relaunches 'The Hacker Within'

Marsha Fenner / August 24, 2018

The group formerly known as the Berkeley chapter of The Hacker Within has been renamed the Data Analysis Tools Series. The renaming is an attempt to provide clarity and inclusiveness to a wider audience, and to be less mysterious as to the group's purpose, which is to be "a collaborative, peer-driven weekly meeting for sharing skills and best practices in research computation and data science."

Karthik Ram

Hack weeks as a model for data science education and collaboration

/ August 20, 2018

In a new article in PNAS, BIDS Research Scientist Karthik Ram and his co-authors explore the new concept of Hack weeks as a model for data science education and collaboration, and examine its implementation as a platform for improving participant engagement in interdisciplinary research.

Maryana Alegro

Mapping the human brain to combat Alzheimer's

Maryana Alegro / July 16, 2018

BIDS/ICHS Data Science Fellow and Computer Scientist Maryana Alegro uses computer vision, machine learning and medical imaging to generate and analyze large-scale protein maps of the human brain.  Her maps are used to develop and validate imaging biomarkers for the early diagnosis and treatment of brain disease.

Ciera Martinez

Harnessing genomics and machine learning to understand evolution

Ciera Martinez / July 16, 2018

BIDS Data Science Fellow and Molecular Biologist Ciera Martinez studies the molecular mechanisms that guide plant and animal development. Her work furthers our understanding of genome evolution and the genetic basis of human disease. How do organisms get their shape?