Ciera Martinez

Postdoctoral Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology
BIDS Data Science Fellow, Moore/Sloan

Real name: 
Ciera Martinez

Ciera received her PhD in Plant Biology from UC Davis, where she studied the evolution of leaf shape. She is currently a computational biologist in Michael Eisen’s lab pursuing her interest in the function and evolution of genomes, especially the mysterious non-coding regions of genomes. Her current project focuses on how enhancer sequences are syntactically defined and evolve in fruit flies. She also loves taking pretty pictures with fancy microscopes.
She has been active in promoting, establishing, and teaching computational reproducibility in the sciences through curriculum development, website resources, and her favorite - conversation.  She loves all things data and programming. She currently is an organizer for R-Ladies SF.
When Ciera is not working you can find her wandering around California chasing food, wine, music, and friends. Or more often than not, sitting at home with her cats knitting and watching TV.