Ciera Martinez

Biology and Environmental Sciences Lead

Real name: 
Ciera Martinez

BIDS Biology and Environmental Sciences Lead Ciera Martinez focuses on data intensive research projects that aim to understand how life on this planet evolves in reaction to the environment and climate – especially projects involving large and complex datasets.  A long-time open science advocate, Ciera has been involved with and continues to be interested in working on training for open data, education, publishing, and software, including developing community standards for data management practices.  As a 2019 Mozilla Open Science Fellow, she connected her love of data and museums and worked on projects aimed at understanding and increasing the usability of biodiversity and natural history museum data.  She received her PhD in Plant Biology from UC Davis, researching the genetic mechanisms regulating plant architecture.  She then went on to become a NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department, studying genome evolution.  She was also a BIDS postdoctoral Data Science Fellow for 3 years, working on undergraduate research practices, data science training, community development, and best practices for data science, diversity and inclusion, and computational research.  


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Detecting change in global biodiversity through large scale network analysis

Status: Archived
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Cryptography of the unknown regions of genomes

Status: Archived
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Best Practices in Data Science

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Data Science By Design (DSxD): Best Practices of Visual Storytelling

CA forests and fires

California Ecosystem Dynamics


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