Cyrus Dioun

BIDS Alumni - BIDS Data Science Fellow

Real name: 
Cyrus Dioun

Cyrus employs machine learning and computer vision to analyze the $7 billion state-legal cannabis industry in the United States. Working with Professor Heather Haveman, Cyrus is examining the relationship between legitimacy and price in both medical and recreational markets. For his dissertation, Cyrus is mapping the relationship between market institutions; market technologies; and the ways that producers and consumers perceive, portray, and value cannabis products.

Cyrus is also the founder of Oski Lab, a research group that brings undergraduate computer scientists and graduate students and faculty members in the social sciences together for unique research collaborations. Over the past two years, Cyrus has mentored over 50 undergraduate computer scientists, leading to a number of collaborations with professors and graduate students in the Department of Sociology and Haas School of Business.

Cyrus is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology. Prior to starting his PhD, Cyrus completed an MA in quantitative methods in the social sciences at Columbia University. In addition to studying cannabis markets, Cyrus has collaborated on a number of projects related to a wide variety of topics, including wine, crowdfunding, the maker movement, masculinity, and higher education.

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